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Heated Gloves for the Best Powder Ski Days

If you ski, then chance you are good that you are very familiar with just how expensive the sport can be. I mean lift tickets alone will cost you upwards of $100 these days, and if you do not have the right gear, you can be looking at spending a lot of your “ski time” in the lodge warming up. Most skiers find that there hands are the one thing they wish they could keep warmer, so now more and more are opting for heated gloves. Continue reading

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Best Methods for Waxing & Tuning Your Snowboards and Skis

When it comes to waxing and tuning your skis or snowboard, you really should not cut any corners at all. Aside from keeping you safer, you’ll have more fun participating in these sports when your gear works well. Not all winter sports enthusiasts want to bother with these details, of course, and some just want to have fun. So in this article, we’re going to highlight some solid waxing and tuning tips for ski and snowboard alike. Continue reading

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3 Ways To Absolutely Improve Your Ski And Snowboard Fun

Beginner skiers and snowboarders don’t always fully understand the dangers involved with the sport. It’s very easy to just get caught up in the excitement caused by skiing or snowboarding down the slopes. Taking the time to learn about the safety issues involved is essential. You can help ensure a safe day of skiing or snowboarding with the proper skills and training. In this article, we’ll discuss several tips for your skiing and snowboarding. Continue reading

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Off Season Snowboard Training – Stay Fresh in the Off Season

Just because the off season comes doesn’t mean the fun of snowboarding has to stop. Here are three boards that are designed to simulate the feel snowboarding. Any of these boards can be used by snowboarders to hone their skills and train during the off season. Continue reading

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