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All About Strap-in Bindings?

This one is genuinely fresh. Strap-in snowboard bindings are sort of a cross between the normal strap bindings and step-in bindings, bringing together the very best from the both worlds, the velocity of stepping in as well as the versatility and support of the strap bindings. So far you will find two strap-in binding models – the BLK and the WHT (black & white). These new Strap-in bindings were developed by Beyondsnow, have a look! Continue reading

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Taking Good Care of your Water Skis

You’ll possess so much fun with your skis, but you also have to think about what to do with them to keep them practical. The more you are taking care of them, the far better they will work and the longer they’ll last so it becomes a great investment. To get such effects, you have to keep those skis something you can safely make use of and that are in good condition. Continue reading

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Snowboard bindings are not actually a big issue, so long as you get the right ones. The aim is that you do not feel them but they nevertheless offer you total assistance and confidence that your boot is firmly planted in to the binding. And they need to be light. Snowboard bindings transfer the movements of your body to the snowboard you are riding on and certainly keep you attached to your board. First you need to determine if you are going to ride strap-in bindings, step-in bindings or maybe even flow style bindings. What’s the distinction? Continue reading

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