Could Snowboarding Be Your New Passion?

Winter sports are more popular than ever and if you are looking for a new pastime that will challenge you, yet also offer you opportunities for relaxation and fun, perhaps snowboarding could be the new thing in your life? Read on for some reasons why your new passion could be a life on the slopes.

See the World – Possibly the most exciting reason on this list, the opportunity to travel the world and see new places is a huge draw for people looking to start learning. With resorts in France, Belgium and Switzerland, snowboarding is a great excuse to see places that you would have perhaps overlooked when planning previous breaks or holidays. It’s not just Europe either; Canada is famous for its majestic slopes and even the U.S.A has popular resorts so it can be easy to combine this new hobby with your usual holiday. So – whereas now you get up to go and grind out the same regime at the gym, imagine getting up to hit the slopes for hours of excitement instead.

Staying Fit – Snowboarding is often seen as an extension of other extreme sports and so is mostly associated with teenagers and young adults who use words like ‘gnarly’ and ‘rad’, but that stereotype could not be further from the truth nowadays. It is a sport that challenges both body and mind and is not for the faint-hearted. If you are keen on health and fitness and are looking for a new way to test your ability, this is a great way to start. Snowboarding’s physical demands are equally matched by it’s mental demands, requiring concentration and coordination and it is a fun and exciting way to hone skills that are used in other sports you may take part in.

Who can I meet? Loads of new friends! Snowboarding is experienced by over six million people in the US alone, making it one of the most popular winter sports in the world. This means that thousands of people who you are bound to get on with are hitting the same slopes as you so get chatting! A lot of resorts offer great night life as well so you can relax with some drinks with your new pals after bonding on the snow. Ski and snowboard holidays are a great way to bond for already strong groups of friends and are a popular choice for stag dos and birthday weekends.

Can I share my passion? Of course! If you have a family and you want them to be as excited as you about the prospect of taking up snowboarding, you can tell them about all the great things winter sports resorts offer. The amazing scenery gives kids the excitement of a year-round Christmas and really gets them in the mood to try something new. There are instructors specially trained to teach children, offering group lessons and games that will help your child get to grips with things. Perhaps a holiday on the slopes might even replace tanning on the beach?

Can I keep it up? So you went on your first snowboarding holiday and you got the bug, maybe you are already planning your next trip? How long and how far can you go with your newfound passion? With hundreds of destinations to choose from you will be able to see parts of the world you might never have thought of visiting. Also, snowboarding is a trick sport and there are loads of different moves you can learn, making your time on the slopes more diverse and challenging. Snowboarding can really be a passion you can take with you for the rest of your life so why not introduce yourself to a new lifestyle?

So there you have it, some great reasons to get into an already extremely popular hobby. With so much to learn and so many places and people to see, you will have your work cut out for you being the next king or queen of the slopes!

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