Burton Vapor Snowboards

by admin on December 12, 2011

Burton 2011 and NEW 2012 Vapor Snowboards are among Burtons leading and best technologically advanced boards to hit the slopes.

They have super pop, extremely light, have stainless steel frosbite edges, Heli Vaportech construction and sport some great graphic designs.

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Burton Snowboard Gear

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Other top sellers are the Custom X, The White Collection, The Aftermath, The Process, The Honcho and the Ration. As the worldwide leader and manufacturer of snowboards, Burton has shaped snowboarding for the better with their innovative and inspired designs and performance. Having practically begun the industry, they have pioneered a huge selection of exceptional snowboarding gear.

Starting in 1977, Jake Burton founded the company out of his Vermont barn and have expanded it to include apparel brands. They have an amazing array of snowboard jackets and pants, gloves and much more. If you plan on getting a new Burton Vapor board, don’t neglect the bindings for the best flex and feel for the board.

They have partnered with various authorized dealers to merchandise their other product lines besides snowboards such as boots, binding, helmets and protective gear, outerwear jackets and pants, hoodies, gloves, fleece, gloves, polos, backpacks , goggles and  gear. Burton has the cutting-edge technology that make them the industry leader for snowboard enthusiasts.

Burton’s top team of  snowboarders have propelled the sport  to the point that it is accepted at almost all winter ski resorts worldwide.  Burton’s global team rider include Shaun White and Hannah Teter who have captured gold medals in the Olympics as well as Nicolas Muller, and Kelly Clark have appeared  in many other competitions.   

Their groundbreaking bindings introduced in 2007  gives unlimited stance options to allow for more responsive board feel and action.  These Channel and EST bindings have changed the way snowboarders ride for even better response and control options.

Burton has also developed a premium optic brand as well as developed texture linings in snowboard jackets and pants. Impact protection consists of snowboarding helmets, wrist guards and impact protection shorts.  Burton snowboards has grown into a wonderful brand that has pushed the boundaries of the sport and are the brand of quality and innovation.


Burton Vapor Snowboard Review

by admin on December 15, 2011

Burton boards are just plain poppier. The Vapor board is one of the newer boards, however it all starts with obtaining the top snowboard bindings for excellent flex and feel from the board. We highly recommend getting Burton bindings as well. They are … well, just the best out there.

The Burton Vapor is among the newer boards and ranks among the best rated boards. It has a Ultrafly core that is a new technology that Burton has invented and tested that makes the board pop better and provides it far better board control and board handling functions.

The core of the snowboard is an aluminum honeycomb core that basically may be the very same composition that the U.S. military uses for its newest helecopter blades. This type of technology gives these helecoptor bladest strength and flexibility keeping them lightweight as possible.

Burton also uses wood underneath it all and engineers the grain direction to give that snowboard a poppy crisp action and feel. There is a carbon vapor skin infused on the snowboard using the fiberglass that reduces weight and supplies a robust platform for attaching bindings and enbedding those killer graphics.

The slant wall exactly where the weight distribution locations are give two additional get in touch with points right underneath the snowboard bindings. Conventional snowboards lack have make contact with points primarily at the tail and nose with even pressure lines in beteween. Using the two added pressure get in touch with points you’ve got that little additional at the flex points.

This Burton snowboard comes inpregnated with wax which makes it very slick and quick. This can be the equivalent of 20 or 30 hot wax jobs which makes for a nice built up base.

The die-cut graphics are a stand-out design. However the pro consturction, meaty sidewalls and tapers make Burton tops in its class.

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